* A character to control easily in a large environment
* 500 questions on the themes of Torah and Jewish history, with lots of tips to gather
* A classement of best high scores
* A limited time which dynamises the game
* Bonus objects on the field
* A choice possible between French and English (Hebrew soon)
* Play again and again to make an high score, and discover the most questions


The first educational video game on the theme of the Torah !
The AttlaneBrothers team the ambitious challenge : designing a rythmed and entertaining game which make also revising or discovering some Torah’s notions of every level.
Challenge your dexterity in a large and marvellous environment ! With accomplishing some “Mitsvots”, by collecting tips, by answering to the questions on your way, you will take the road to the school and win against the clock. Don’t forget to the objects that enable you to accelerate, jumping, earning points to make the best possible score and timing. Compare your score against your friends’ score.




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Torah Game MAC OS X
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